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Overseas Business Model


We are currently looking to build strong business relationships with overseas companies.
We provide various buying option: finished goods, bulk, mixture of our patented sub-materials with formula, etc.
Business proposals or any new profitable business strategies are always welcomed.

Inspiring co-work for the business acceleration!

Business Category

  • Total Health Solution based on Data Analysis & Food Tech
  • Business Consulting Service
  • Global Business Developement
  • Qualification & Capability

  • Team of Experts with High Food Tech. Skills
  • Diverse Network on Research Incubation & Upgrade
  • Partnership for Research Institutions & Manufacturing Plant
  • Total Health Solution

    Business operation upgrade through food tech., research-based system development

    01. Total Health Solution Development

    02. Collaboration with Research Institution

    03. Optimal Cooperation with Manufacturer

    04. Alliance Marketing Development

    Business Consulting Service

    Business-oriented R&D, realignment of product portfolio and customer development

    01. R&D Consulting

    02. Strategic Consulting

    03. Consulting for Smart Business Process

  • Plan-driven R&D strategy based on customer requirements
  • Biz. Development under current product portfolio
  • Strategy connectivity consulting between R&D and Product development
  • Realignment of R&D direction and Product portfolio considering target market
  • Process diagnosis and R&R redesign for fast allocation of R&D resources
  • Global Business Development

    Specialized capabilities in global business

    01. Mixed Sub-Material & ODM Management

    02. Global Market Research & Networking

    03. Product & Tech.Export

    04. Overseas Joint Distributors