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Face Mist

Needless to say, the skincare market is growing bigger and bigger as people’s demand for self-care beauty products grows constantly.

With 97% of the ingredients naturally sourced, our Face Mist creates a moisture layer that nourishes the skin on the inside and prevents dryness on the outside.

The highly rich nourishment brightens the skin, prevents skin pigmentation, strengthens skin barrier, and improves wrinkles and enlarged pores.

  • Prevents wrinkles and brightens the skin
  • Moisturizes and soothes the skin
  • Maintains a healthy balance of oil and water, strengthening skin barrier and minimizing pores
Highlighted IngredientsBurdock Seed extract, Bambusa vulgaris extract, Cucumber extract, Chrysanthemum extract, Grapefruit extract
Related Health ConcernsWrinkles, Dark spots, Dry skin, Irritated skinPackaging Unit100 mL
Suggested Use• Spray evenly on the face after washing face or when skin is dry.
• Gently pat until the mist is fully absorbed into the skin.