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Our Story

Our Commitment

Many aspects of modern lifestyle, such as irregular eating habits or sleeping patterns, over-consuming fatty, greasy or spicy foods and misuse of medications, may lead to significant health concerns.

However, most people ignore this serious issue because, at the end of the day, they have to carry on and keep up with their busy, stressful lives.
We recognize this complication of current society and strive to satisfy people’s rising needs for convenient and effective health products.

Who We Are

Established in 2003, Serombio has been working with experts with decades of experience in researching, experimenting and teaching as university professors.

With science-based formulas and patented high-quality ingredients, we thought fully design and manufacture our products based on professional technologies.

Our Passion

We currently own over 20 patents for our ingredients and technologies. Despite the high pride in our product quality, we do not stay satisfied.
We continue to conduct research and advance our technologies to improve our existing products and develop new products as new health concerns arise.

Why Us

We take a very particular care of what we create.
Our professional team carefully examines the entire product development process from selecting the best raw materials to processing the raw materials with our technologies.
Not only do we have the technology to produce high quality products, but we also possess decades of research data to modify and create optimized formulations for the exact needs.