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Height Growth Supplement

We have domestic and foreign patents related to height growth.
Our CEO also published two growth-related research papers in 2010 and 2011 in Phytotheraby Research, an international journal of academic sciences.
Using the patented technology, we created ingredients extracted, decomposed and refined from yeast that are specialized for height growth stimulation, and combined them with selected vitamins and calcium to provide important nutrients that are highly effective for growth in height.

  • Promotes height growth of children and adolescents by providing key ingredients extracted, decomposed and refined from yeast
  • Provides key nutrients for height growth
  • Stimulates growth of ilium and secretion of growth hormone
Highlighted Ingredients• Grain mixed powder (Rice, White corvania, Barley, Corn, Glutinous rice, Black bean, Millet, Sorghum, Allay, Black rice, Carrot, Chestnut)
• Yeast, Eucommia, Siberian ginseng, Antler, Sea buckthorn, etc.
• Vitamin mixture
Related Health ConcernsShort stature, Growth delay, Growth hormone deficiency, Nutritional imbalancePackaging Unit20g x 10sticks
Suggested UseTake 1 stick per day. Put 1 stick into 100~200 mL of milk or soy milk and shake.
Can be taken as a meal replacement.