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Weight Loss Supplement

Obesity is defined as an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health.
Obesity increases the risk of health problems such as arthritis, constipation, apnea during sleep, skin diseases, and various cancers, and increases the chance of developing diseases such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and myocardial infarction. The main ingredient Garcinia Cambogia Extract is internationally known to control fat absorption during the process in which carbs are converted to fat.
In addition, low-molecular-weight peptides extracted from yeast extract, Serombio’s patented material, act on the central nervous system to inhibit reabsorption of serotonin at the nerve endings, thus increasing the amount of serotonin to control appetite.

  • Helps to control portion size by inducing satiety
  • Controls body fat absorption
  • Lowers cholesterol level in the blood
Highlighted Ingredients• Garcinia cambogia extract(HCA), Cassia extract powder, Drumstick Tree Seeds, Guava Leaf extract powder, Lactobacillus Fermented Grain powder, Cacao Seed Skin, Yeast
Related Health Concerns• Diet, Appetite control, Body fat reduction, Weight loss, Blood cholesterol reduction, Portion size controlPackaging Unit• 6 g x 30 sticks
• 6 g x 60 sticks
Suggested Use• Take 2 sticks daily.
• Take 1 stick 30 minutes before lunch and dinner each with plenty of water.