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Male Virility Supplement

We increased the absorption rate of the main ingredient Ginsenosides, bioactive compounds of red ginseng that is highly effective for strengthening the immune system, recovering fatigue and revitalizing the body, by fermenting the red ginseng extract with Sang Hwang Mushroom mycelium.

We also maximized the absorption rate of fermented angelica root mixed extract powder, a mixture of various naturally-sourced ingredients very effective for male virility enhancement.

As a result, this product enhances fertility, libido and stamina and boosts erections.

  • Revitalize the body
  • Recovers fatigue
  • Build great stamina
Highlighted Ingredients• Fermented Red Ginseng concentrate, Rubus coreanus(Korean raspberry) extract, Angelica Root extract, Garlic extract, Mulberry Leaf extract, Date Palm concentrate
Related Health ConcernsWeak Sexual Performance, Lack of Stamina, ImpotencePackaging Unit30 mL x 10 sticks
Suggested Use• Take one stick per day.
• 25-day Program: Take 2 sticks per day for the first 5 days, and then take 1 sticks per day for the next 20 days to get the best results.